Mr. F!

Writer's Block: The Evolution of My Internet

How has the Internet evolved to meet your needs since you started using it?

Why does it seem like this writer's block thing keeps asking this same question lately, worded in different ways? Seems more like Yahoo is trying to do some research on how people use the Internet and less like LiveJournal is trying to inspire people to write.

EDIT: Especially because the Yahoo ad right below the writer's block thing brags about how its homepage has evolved to meet users' needs! Sheesh!
Mr. F!

Writer's Block: Instant attraction

I think it's both instant and, more importantly, evolving. I think you need instant chemistry to start a relationship, but that alone is not going to hold things together for very long. My husband and I started dating more than 6 years before we married. In that time, we broke up a couple of times... and each decided to give things another chance each time. We are happily married now -- we needed those times for ourselves to mature and for our relationship to grow. So nope, I don't regret it.

(Not gonna go into the answer to this question about my former long-term relationship, because obviously that one was a fail!)

And the couple of times I've fallen in love, I noticed something I liked about them instantly.